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Bonderite 34BR

Brush-on zinc phosphate

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Bonderite 34 BR is formulated to produce a zinc phosphate coating on metal surfaces by brush-on application or immersion at room temperature (21°C)


Bonderite 34 BR may be applied with clean rags, sponges or ordinary paint brushes. The product can be applied by immersion. Containers should be of stainless steel or plastic.

Directions for use

Bonderite 34 BR is used as received without dilution, and may be applied by brushing of wiping. The metal and Bonderite 34 BR should be at room temperature and not less than 21°C. A uniform, thin coat is applied so that the metal surface is wet evenly.Areas not thoroughly clean will cause the solution to break and not wet evenly.

Such areas should be worked with the brush until uniform wetting is obtained. Avoid applying too much solution. Allow 2 minutes or more after application for the Bonderite 34 BR to react with the zinc. As the chemical reaction proceeds, there will be visible a definite darkening of the metal surface which is due to the formation of the coating. Keep the surface wet by applying additional Bonderite 34 BR if necessary. Bonderite 34 BR should not be allowed to dry on the metal before it is rinsed off with water.

If the work is not to pass through a conventional Bonderite unit, a dilute solution of Parcolene 1 or Chematac 210 should be applied immediately following the water rinse operation.

This solution is made up by adding 18 grams (6ml) of Parcolene 1 (Chrome containing) to 10 litre of clean water. The Chematac 210 is made up at 0.1 – 0.5%. It is applied at room temperature in the same manner as the Bonderite 34 BR.

Only enough Parcolene 1 solution to completely wet the coating should be used. It should not be collected and re-used. Any solution that collects along the bottom edges of articles should be removed with clean rags.

Bonderite 34 BR TDS


Technical Data sheet of Bonderite 34 BR